Gotta be tough. Unsere neuen Heavy Duty Taschen

Gotta Be Tough. You need a Heavy Duty!

Now: Get your SLOTBAG, SLOTBAG Custom Build, HEADBAG as Basic or Heavy Duty .

Insidetheheavyduty Our new Heavy Duty is the right option if your bag needs to be the little potion more resistant than the Basic. Therefor all sides of the Heavy Duty are Double Layer and you can chose the rough path. In addition we add some features to it you only get with a Heavy Duty!

Take it Heavy Duty! All advantages listed

Even the frame-facing layer of the Basic Bags is Double Layer and consists of two fabric layers.

Take the Heavy Duty Option and make all sides of your Bag Double Layer. Therefore the Heavy Duty is a bit stronger than the Basic and your ideal adventure companion. In addition the Heavy Duty Version got a vertical or horizontal* seperator which allows you to divide the Heavy Duty internally into two sections. And if you want to use the whole framebag-space you just remove the seperator. It's that easy! Last but not least you find a keyholder-loop inside the Heavy Duty.

SLOTBAG Basic Heavy Duty
Flexible Mounting System (FMS)
Cable IN/OUT
Raincover above zipper beginning
Double Layer (All sides of the framebag)
Seperator with Organizer Functionality (removable)
Keyholder Loop in the inside


*) Please refer to the specific product page for further information.

Bike Framebag Basic and Heavy Duty