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We were sometimes asked if our products are water resistant or waterproofed. To answer this question a bit more in depth, we've created this subsite. Because sometimes, what you really need isn't a bag that is 100% waterproof but instead highly water-resistant. In the end we're bikers not open sea boat captains. (at least the majority of us and even less at the same time.)

First things first. Products where this feature is relevant (those getting in conctact with the environment outdors, like rain) are highly water-resistant. The fabric is water-proof, the seam consists of a special mixture and is specially water-repellend impregnated at the end of the poduction process and the zippers (only high-quality YKK zippers are used) are also covered with a water-resitant coating. So you can tell, a SLOTBAG for example is highly water resistant water-resistant! But not waterproof (like a drybag for example).

So, what does it mean to you? If you dive the bag into water the inside will be wet, mainly because there comes water through the zipper-entry. Nonetheless, most sources of splash water is fine and the bag can resist it (normal rain). If you transport something that should definately not get wet, we recommend using a ziplock-bag to protect it.

Impregnation: Everybody who buys a product today and wishes it to last long, needs to care for it. At least a basic care must be provided. We continuously try to make our bags more and more maintenance-friendly. And with the knowledge that every seam sealing -even the best ones- will fall off eventually or will brittle away, we quit sealing them. Instead we impregnate the sensitive seam sections at the end of the production process. You most definately will agree that it's easier to change the ziplock bag inside and to refresh the first Impregnation than to send in the bag for repair. That's however what we mean, when we speak of a long-lasting product. A product, easy to maintain.